NOSi presents the IGRPweb platform #AIS2018 Top Innovation Track and launches the Kriol campaign.

NOSi, in partnership with the Government of Cabo Verde, through the State Department of Innovation, presented today, 4th of July, in the city of Praia, the IGRPweb application development platform and officially launched the Kriol Campaign.

Kriol is intended for young entrepreneurs, ICT startups, and academia, to learn about the IGRPweb platform and start developing innovative applications for electronic governance in a simple, safe and low-cost way.

By joining the Kriol campaign users can obtain the license through the online store and immediately begin developing applications on IGRPweb for free, until the end of the current year.

IGRPweb is securely provided on the Internet, eliminating the need for the customer to build their own private data center. It was recently selected from more than 600 applications across the continent as one of the TOP 50 innovations for the African Innovation Summit.

Kriol will contribute to promoting an innovative ecosystem favorable to entrepreneurship, growth of start-ups and knowledge sharing.

More information about IGRPweb can be found at