José Brito

José Brito

Chair, Board of Trustees

José Brito is a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cabo Verde. He is co-founder of Bonako, one of the first gaming companies in Africa developing digital games and mobile applications, established in 2013 in Cabo Verde. He established and co-directs the Africa Innovation Summit, a platform for promoting innovation in Africa since 2012. Prior to this, he played a significant role in the governments of Cabo Verde, serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs (2008-2011), Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Growth (2006-2008), Senior Advisor of the Prime Minister as well as Ambassador of the Republic of Cabo Verde to the United States, Canada and Mexico from 2001 to 2006. It was under his leadership as Minister of Economy that Cabo Verde developed the 50% renewable energy policy while successfully bringing to Cabo Verde two ECOWAS Institutions—ECREEE and the West African Institute.

Minister Brito was born in Senegal, Dakar in 1944. He has over 35 years of professional experience in the Government arena. He worked for Ocean Energy, an Oil Company located in Texas, United States, from 1997 through 2001, as a vice president, in charge of government relations. From 1992 to 1996, he managed a program at the United Nations entitled “African Futures” aimed at helping African Governments to develop and implement the process of long term strategic planning.  
H. E. José Brito served as a Secretary of State, Minister of Development, Planning and Foreign Aid from 1977 to 1991.  Before the independence of the Republic of Cabo Verde in 1975, H.E. José Brito held a position as a Technical Manager of the Oil Refinery of Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

Minister Brito graduated in Chemical Engineering from “Institut Français du Pétrole” (IFP), in Paris where he obtained a Masters degree in Chemistry and Physics. He graduated with a degree in Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Abidjan.